The Communion of the ORCC LR


The Communion of the ORCC LR is comprised of four Provinces, they are of Africa, Europe, South America and North America; a fifth is in the process of being established for Asia.  Each Province has a Metropolitan and its own hierarchy of bishops.  The Church is led overall by the Primate, who is also a Metropolitan Archbishop (presently of North America).  The Primate is elected by the Episcopal College i.e. of all the Bishops.  The General Synod passes Church legislation, while the Court of the Primate handles judicial matters within the Church.


Provinces are composed of Dioceses.  Each Province is led by a Metropolitan who is also a Diocesan Bishop.  The Metropolitan is elected by the bishops of the Province from the Diocesan Bishops.  Provincial Legislation is passed by the Provincial Synod, composed of the Bishops of the Province, the Senate of Clergy (elected by the clergy in Diocesan Synods), and the Assembly of Laity (elected by the laity in Diocesan Synods).  Judicial matters are handled by the Court of the Metropolitan.


Congregations (parishes and missions) are the buidling blocks of the dioceses.  Each Diocese is headed by a Bishop Ordinary and may have assisting bishops (suffragan or co-adjutor).  The Diocesan Bishops are usually elected by Diocesan Synods.  Legislation is passed by the Diocesan Synod, which is composed of three entities:  the Bishop Ordinary, the Senate of Clergy (all of the clergy not under discipline), and the House of Laity (representatives elected by their congregations).  Judicial matters are handled by the Diocesan, or Consistory Court.

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